Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tips to remove Nav Bar

Log into your dashboard, go to Template -> Edit HTML. Scroll to anywhere on the template and insert the following CSS style definition in red within the head section
juz add dis simple code:

#navbar-iframe {
visibility: hidden;

You will notice that your contents do not shift upwards. The space is still reserved for the Navbar, but the Navbar is now hidden and not visible.

Either one of the above codes would do. You can also combine them if you'd like. For example, giving a numerical value for the height of the Navbar and hiding the visibility will give you a margin at the top and yet without the Navbar. Choose one that best fits your blog design. If you change your mind in future, and wish to have back your Navbar, simply remove the style definition.

Search Box

If you decide to remove the Navbar, you can still place a Blogger Search Box within your site. This is one of the great features in the Blogger Navbar

Tips to drive traffic with blog directories

Here are some tips you should bear in mind about leaving comments:

1. Never leave short, useless or canned comments like "Nice!", "Cool!", "Great Blog!", etc. Otherwise your comment will be deleted very soon. Take some time and read some of the content and give some solid suggestions for improvements or tell the owner why you love his/her blog. Afterall, everything is free so it takes you some time to do this. (But actually, I got a really nice tip for those who really don't have the mood to go over some tedious blogs out there. Try to give suggestions based on the layout of the blog. In this way, you only have to glance through the blog without bothering to read the content and it's always easier to criticise one's layout. You can try this: "It would be better, in my opinion, if you blend the advertisements in to your blog be setting the background colour of the ad units." By using this technique, you can give long but useful comments and gives the owner a feeling that you are here to help rather than to advertise.

2. Never be rude or too "hard-sell". Try to be humble as you won't want others to leave comments such as "I GOT A REALLY REALLY GREAT BLOG ABOUT ENGINEERING!!!! VISIT PLEASEEEEE!!!", would you? So try to keep your tone nice and kind. Use sentences like "I also got a blog about engineering, you might want to take a look at it, here's the link." or "Can you give me some advice about my engineering blog?" Your comment will always appear to be acceptable and pleasing if you don't sound like a salesperson.

3. Try to visit the blogs you have left comments on frequently and keep an eye on any replies to your post. Be responsive if the owner or visitors reply to you.

4. Leave comments again when you have written a new post or changed the layout. But remember, do this often or when you sense that the owner dislike your doing so.

Starting from today, don't just use blog directories as a listing place only, use them thoroughly by discovering blogs that are of the same category as yours. And drive traffic to your blog by commenting on them. Try it yourself and see how powerful this "comment advertising" is!

Here are some high-quality directories (what means by "high-quality" is that they review each submission to ensure that they are content-rich and blogs are well classified into categories):

Blog Announce
Blog Top Sites
Blogging Fusion Blog Directory
Yahoo!'s Blog Directory
Google's Blog Directory
BlogFlux Directory

Hope you find this useful!

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